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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for CAC/ICP Report Submission

As a supplier to Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), you and your products and services are integral to our success. We depend on you to assist TI in the creation of products and services that enhance the quality of life for customers and employees and progressively reduce the potential ecological impact of its activities by focusing on productivity and eco-efficient processes.

Because of new stringent regulatory requirements, customers of TI are requiring that the products they buy from TI do not contain certain substances above specified concentrations.

To meet our customers’ and regulatory requirements, TI has created a Specification, TI 6453792, "TI Customer Material (Controlled Chemicals and Materials) Specification", identifying these substances and has updated the Terms & Conditions of Purchase.

The Specification is required of all TI suppliers who supply a chemical or material which will become part of TI's final product or packing materials used to ship TI products. The Specification requires these suppliers to report annually to TI a web form "Compliance & Analysis Certificate", which is accessible at

At the end of the web form, by clicking on the "submit form and attach analysis data" you can upload the material analysis data, usually called "ICP", to the TI WPL website. It is mandatory to upload the ICP even though you don't have TI banned materials in the products/materials you supplied to TI.

Overall Process FAQ

Q:  Which input form do I use?

A:  If you are supplying TI raw materials (Direct Materials) to TI internal fab and assembly/test operations, complete the WPL Compliance and Analysis Certificate (CAC) form.

 If you are a Subcon or Foundry to TI, complete the Ext Mfg Compliance and Analysis Certificate (CAC) form.

Q:  What test lab should I use?

A:  Any ISO/IEC 17025 or equivalent third-party or independent accredited lab.  The following list includes, but is not limited to, accredited labs: ALS Laboratory Group, Balaz, SGS, TUVRheinland.

Q:  How current should my ICP Report be?

A:  The ICP Report test date shall not be older than nine months and must be reanalyzed and submitted to TI before the ICP Report is one year old.

Q:  What should I do if I have Banned Materials in my product?

A:  Answer the form question "Does the attached ICP contain TI Banned Chemicals or Materials?" YES.  Then, complete the following fields for each Banned Material identified:  Case1 Chemicals/Material & CAS Number, Reason1 Reason for inclusion in product delivered to TI, and Concentration1 Concentration Range (ppm).

Q: What file formats can I upload?

A: Any acceptable graphics file format, preferably PDF.  File names must be English characters and cannot contain any of the following characters: / * ? < > | # { } % ~ & or your file will not be uploaded.


Q:  WPL Form: What selection do I make for Region/Site?

A:  If your business with TI is only conducted to support one region or business unit (DLP), then select the corresponding TI Region/Site choice.  A TI Region/Site representative will be assigned to review your submission.  Choices are: DLP supplier, Regional EMEA, Regional Japan, Regional Malaysia, Regional Mexico, Regional Philippines, and Regional Taiwan.  If the above criteria does not apply, leave the default value NA (Not Applicable).

Q:  WPL Form: Why do I have to input TI Material Part Number?

A:  TI must be able to show our customer what materials are included in our parts.  Therefore, we must be able to trace TI Customer Material to the raw material supplier source.  Please include ALL TI Material Part Numbers that correspond the CAC/ICP Report you are submitting.

External Manufacturing Form FAQ

Q:  Ext Mfg Form: What do I provide ICP Report analysis on?

A:  Homogeneous materials (individual materials) used in the manufacture of IC's such as mold compound, die attach, lead frames, solder, bond wire, etc.

Q:  Ext Mfg Form: What do I select for the Region/Site?

A:  Select the TI Region/Site that manages your subcon production site.

Q:  Ext Mfg Form: What does the field Raw Material Supplier Name mean?

A:  Enter the supplier name that manufactures the mold compound, die attach, lead frames, solder, bond wire, etc. that is in your product supplied to TI.

Q:  Ext Mfg Form: What is the SID field?

A:  Spec Indicative Device, a number assigned by TI engineering groups that can tie to multiple supplier/manufacturer part numbers, it is put on the SPEC370 and PTSS systems and is used for various material types such as leadframe, mold compound, adhesive, etc.

Q:  Ext Mfg Form: What should I select for Raw Material Category?

A:  Select the appropriate homogeneous material that corresponds to the ICP Report you are submitting.  If you supply Die Services, select "Semiconductor Die".  If you supply WLCSP select "Solder Ball Package".

Q:  Ext Mfg Form: What should I enter in the TI Material Part Number field?

A:  Enter Pkg Group name such as QFN, TSSOP, SOP, BGA, etc.