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Supplier hereby certifies that it has received and reviewed TI’s Specification 6453792, understands its requirements, and has completed the required lab analysis for RoHS substances (Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Mercury, PBB, PBDE, DBP, BBP, DEHP and DIDP) and for Chlorine and Bromine testing for non-metal and non-ceramic materials. These reports may be supplied to regulators and/or TI customers upon their request. Supplier hereby represents and warrants that the information provided in this Certification is true and correct as of this date. Supplier acknowledges that TI will rely on this Certification and that this Certification is incorporated into and is a part of the purchase agreement applicable to the TI Customer Materials reported herein.

NOTICE: The act of submitting this certificate shows Supplier's agreement to be bound by the information and this Certification.

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