Texas Instruments believes any changes which could impact the performance characteristics of the material it is receiving from a supplier should be avoided whenever possible. No changes should be made unless there is mutual benefit to both the supplier and Texas Instruments. No change shall be made unless a formal response has been received from Texas Instruments approving the change. Semiconductor manufacturing is sensitive to the smallest of changes, so even a change that improves a material could lead to a performance disruption.

The purpose of supply change request portal is to provide one central location for all TI direct and indirect material suppliers to submit change requests needing TI approvals.

The change request form provides a simple template for the supplier to provide the essential change information, the pertinent supporting data and the risk assessment which will be delivered to the appropriate TI Procurement Leader for processing.

The TI supply change process allows all affected sites to be involved in the change evaluation process and provide the appropriate feedback to the TI Procurement Leader for communication to the change originated supplier.

The supplier is encouraged to provide all pertinent data supporting the change including the risk assessment in the form or as attachment files. In addition, the contact information for follow ups as needed. Contact TI WW Purchasing and Logistics (WPL) representative if you have questions regarding the TI supply change process.