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Help - U.S. Supplier Registration


What is a Setup ID?  Where do I obtain this?
  The Setup ID is unique identifier that links the supplier information to the TI buyer that made the request. 

This is provided in the subject line of the invitation email to register with Texas Instruments.  Unsolicited requests are not accepted or setup on the database.

Why are there many questions on the setup form?
  TI has legal and business requirements to report information about our supplier database.  For example, TI is required to report spend information for all 1099MISC reportable suppliers to the Internal revenue Service. 

In addition, TI has corporate goals for spend with certified minority and women-owned businesses which need to be accurately identified in the supplier database. Questions are defined to meet all TI departmental legal and business needs only and are never publicly disclosed.

If I am already registered with Texas Instruments, how do I update my information?
  Refer to the Supplier Information webpage for Update Existing Supplier Information at TI.
Will TI do business with me if I answer no for the following:  affirmative action, ESH, Ancient Forest Fiber?
  TI Policies and Procedures states that TI will do business with those suppliers that have complied with the local and federal laws regarding these issues.  Refer to definitions for a complete description.
Will TI do business with me as a Minority/Women Business Development (MWBD) supplier if I am not certified with an agency?
  TI will not discontinue an existing relationship solely for non-certification.  However, as a non-certified M/WBE supplier to TI, your business will be at risk should a qualified certified M/WBE supplier compete for the same commodity or service.

For new suppliers to TI, we currently accept new non-certified suppliers as long as you are pursuing certification. Beginning 2006, we will discontinue that practice and only engage certified suppliers. For more information, refer to the MWBD Website.

7.How do I obtain an invitation to be setup on the TI supplier database?
All requests for business originate from the buyers in the procurement organization.