Worldwide Procurement & Logistics

Terms & Conditions Requirements

ESH Compliance

  • Supplier shall be responsible for implementing, maintaining and supervising any and all environmental, safety, and health ("ESH") precautions, programs, records and training necessary or desirable in connection with the goods delivered or work/services performed.
  • Supplier shall comply with, and ensure that its employees, contractors, subcontractors and agents comply with, and provide all notices and other communications required under, all applicable laws, with respect to ESH matters. Supplier shall comply with, and ensure that its employees, contractors, subcontractors and agents comply with, all TI ESH policies, procedures, specifications, standards, guidelines and handbooks, including but not limited to those specified in TI’s Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Handbook for Suppliers
  • Supplier, at Supplier's expense, shall provide to all of its employees, contractors and agents all personal protective equipment and clothing required to be worn by such persons pursuant to applicable ESH laws and TI ESH standards/policies.
  • Supplier shall be responsible, at Supplier’s sole cost, for ensuring that all its employees, contractors and agents deployed to undertake any work or services are properly trained and qualified in all aspects from an ESH perspective and that such persons are adequately insured in accordance with applicable law against the risk of injury, illness and death.
  • Supplier undertakes to notify TI promptly in the event of any incident, regardless of severity or cause, including, but not limited to a medical event or a spill, release, discharge, uncontrolled loss or seepage of hazardous materials at, upon, into, or from property where, or adjacent to where, work is being performed, and shall take prompt and lawful steps to limit any damage or losses pursuant to such incidents and thereafter follow the same with proper clean-up and restoration measures (with all resultant costs and liabilities borne by Supplier).
  • Violation of any TI ESH standards/policies or applicable ESH laws shall be grounds for immediate work/delivery stoppage and termination of the Purchase Order at TI’s sole discretion.
  • TI Controlled Chemicals and Materials. Supplier shall comply with the TI Controlled Chemicals and Materials Specification, Number 6453792, which is updated from time to time and is located at